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Sep 2016
Samuel Allen
Sep 15 2016 15:41
Has anyone played around with the OpenSeadragonViewerInputHook plugin? I am hoping to use this to gain some control over my touch/click+move events. I need to have some touch events fire on some touch handles that I've added to an svg-overlay inside the canvas element. The animate and resize events are picking up the touch event. Click events are being received though
I've tried creating the overlay and touch handles as a sibling to the viewer element instead of as a child and the touch events work there.
John Susi
Sep 15 2016 19:37
@iangilman: I'm trying to wrap my head around updateViewport and I'm wondering about how it is supposed to work with immediateRender=true. In my testcase level 10 is the wanted level and i position it so level 9 would require 3 tiles to fill completely. I expected that level 8 then would be 'best' to load first but only level 9 is loaded and then level 10. Any ideas?
Samuel Allen
Sep 15 2016 20:04
@msalsbery I've got the viewerInputHook sort of working in my application. I have hooks set up for click, drag, and scroll handlers on my overlay container. In your docs you state that setting event.stopBubbling = true is the appropriate syntax for altering events. I've tried setting event.stopPropagation = true or just calling the event.stopPropagation() function, and in the former scenario I am able to finally break through and catch the touchstart event listener in my child component's touch handle but am getting an error from OpenSeaDragon like so:
openseadragon.js:1951 Uncaught TypeError: event.stopPropagation is not a function$.stopEvent @ openseadragon.js:1951onTouchMoveCaptured @ mousetracker.js:2176touchmovecaptured @ mousetracker.js:222
In the latter scenario, I get no error, but I am not able to prevent the OSD handlers on the viewer from highjacking the touch event.
Samuel Allen
Sep 15 2016 22:37
A slightly different question... the docs for the pixelFromPoint method ( refer to being able to set a flag around the current or the target location. I'm a little fuzzy on the context of what describing my pixel point as the current or target location means.