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Sep 2016
Mark Salsbery
Sep 16 2016 04:25
Hi @dehuszar I've been away busy elsewhere for quite a while sorry! I've dusted off the code and I need to bring it up to date. I'll take a look...
Samuel Allen
Sep 16 2016 14:05
Hey! No worries. I was going to do a deep dive into the code today. My guess is that the original event isn't getting pulled out for stopPropagation the way that it does for bubbling or preventDefault.
Even with the error messages, I am able to break through and hit the child event handlers. I'm just nervous that on a long enough timeline that error may cause parts of the app to not work
Matthias Guth
Sep 16 2016 14:06
Hey all, i Is there any option to add an additional HTTP header (i.e. an auth-token) to the Ajax Calls which get the tiles?
Samuel Allen
Sep 16 2016 16:18
@msalsbery I'm starting to think that I've been misusing your plugin. I'm essentially trying to create a new set of touch handlers on an overlay element which is a child of the element the viewer object is attached to. The only way I am able to get my touch events on the child element/component to fire is if I put that event.stopPropagate = true statement in the hookHandler function which is breaking something. Should I just be creating a new MouseTracker? Technically the child element is not (or at least should not) be controlled by OSD. What I'm essentially trying to do is get OSD's events to stop propagating past a certain element so I can have those events on the child element manipulate it's coordinates. Are there any examples of how to do this out in the wild. The demo page you link to in the repo is interesting, but doesn't really give me any insight on how I should be using the plugin.
Ignacio Tartavull
Sep 16 2016 19:29
I'm trying to figure out why when you addTiledImage with opacity 0 doesn't get load. Does anybody know where in the source code is this happening?