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Sep 2016
John Hoffer
Sep 22 2016 16:40 UTC
Another odd question- what is the best way to rescue a tile on 'tile-load-failed'?
Say I want to load from a backup tilesource. Can I just create a new HTMLImageElement and store it as e.tile.image?
John Hoffer
Sep 22 2016 16:54 UTC
Alternatively, can I just store a new openSeadragon.tile as e.tile? If so, does anyone know how to create a new openSeadragon.tile directly from an html canvas?
Samuel Allen
Sep 22 2016 17:20 UTC
@msalsbery Still having issues getting the hooks plugin from stopping viewer events from bubbling up. Any chance you're around today? I could def use a hand on something time sensitive.
Antoine Vandecreme
Sep 22 2016 19:03 UTC
@thejohnhoffer I don't think there is anything yet but your suggestions seem worth a try.
John Hoffer
Sep 22 2016 21:05 UTC
@avandecreme I just found that I can pass a function as agetcontext2D option of the tilesources that I know won't load to images.