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Oct 2016
Oct 03 2016 16:50
HI, I want to add a fixed size over lay to the bottom of the view at run time, with a dismiss button on it. it should not move or resize with the images. I presume I use Viewer.addOverlay but not sure how to fix the position
John Hoffer
Oct 03 2016 18:02
How do I call a function when a tiledImage is completely loaded for the current viewport?
Antoine Vandecreme
Oct 03 2016 19:43
@rubystars If it is entirely fixed (no zoom and pan), you can just add the element to the dom and position it correctly with CSS.
@thejohnhoffer you will need the new fully-loaded event. It is only available on master at the moment. See #837
John Hoffer
Oct 03 2016 22:40
@avandecreme fully-loaded looks fully awesome! Thank you much.