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Oct 2016
Oct 10 2016 10:00
@avandecreme I compiled patch-2 branch of this repository but unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem in safari. I still wasn't able myself to dive into the code. I'd try tomorrow or tonight. I'd like to ask you however if you think that the images disappearing it's most probably the effect of them getting pulled out of the canvas for some reason or a lower level rendering issue. From where do you think that I can start to debug this behaviour?
Antoine Vandecreme
Oct 10 2016 10:55
The first step is to display the sketch canvas to check if things get drawn in there.
Ian Gilman
Oct 10 2016 18:07
Hello! I've been away for a bit... just catching up. Looks like there's been lots of great conversation here :)
@sickrandir Apologies for not responding sooner. I agree with @avandecreme's suggestions.
@johnsusi Did you get your issue sorted out?
John Susi
Oct 10 2016 19:16
@iangilman wb Ian. Well we took a different approach to circumvent the problem. Switched of immediateRender and specify minLevel on the tileSource to reduce the excessive loading
Couldnt get the fully-loaded event working so I did something simpler to check if enough tiles where loaded to cover the display.
Oct 10 2016 21:36
@iangilman @avandecreme I appended the sketchCanvas to the DOM. This example is based on OSD 2.2.1. By testing with safari it'clear that images are correctly added to the sketchCanvas and disappear only from the rendere canvas.
I also tried the same with the patch2 branch from
the behaviour regarding the sketchCanvas is the same. But the tile image of the handle doesn't disappear. Only the studs do.
What would you suggest to proceed?
Ian Gilman
Oct 10 2016 21:58
@johnsusi Fair enough... we'll keep working on sorting out those issues long term
@sickrandir Interesting! Well, sounds like there's some trouble with copying the sketch canvas to the main canvas... try to hone in on that
Ian Gilman
Oct 10 2016 22:03
Is it happening at all? Are the coordinates right? Is something funny happening to the global alpha or composite mode?
Since this only happens in Safari, it could be something weird...