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Oct 2016
Oct 12 2016 06:54
yes, I tested the patch from adgoncal from his branch. Now that you merged it I tested master and as previously observed the behaviour changes. In my example using OSD 2.2.1 and zooming in the handle zoomable image disappeared. Now with master the handle doesn't disappear anymore. Other images unfortunately still do. I tried to observe the bounds in chrome and safari. For the handle image the pattern is pretty much the same
I'm looking right now at what happen to the image that is still disappearing
Oct 12 2016 07:02
here are the logs for the dzi image that still disappear:
the only strange thing that I notice is that safari logs much more than chrome
for the same event
Oct 12 2016 11:44

Can anyone point me in the direction of examples where openseadragon has been used to create a slideshow/timed transition of source images?

Also, as an extension of that, how about using an IIIF manifest as source?

Ian Gilman
Oct 12 2016 16:07
@brutaldigital You certainly could do such a thing, though you'd have to build the timing and fading yourself. For fading, see this example:
Likewise with using the IIIF manifest... it would be something you'd do external to OSD. You might take a look at and
@sickrandir So if it fixes some of it, sounds like we might be on the right track in terms of certain combinations of coordinates. Can you see any pattern to the remaining times the image disappears? In your logs, can you mark where the disappearance happens (approximately)?