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Nov 2016
Nov 15 2016 13:58
hi guys, I'm experiencing moiré issues with DZI images of fabrics. The lower resolution images have so terrible moiré effect that are unwatchable. Do you have any suggestions of best practices to generate images that mitigate the problem?
here are two example loaded in OSD
Tristan Roddis
Nov 15 2016 14:46
Thanks @avandecreme ! That clarifies what other options I need for non-Chrome browsers
Nov 15 2016 15:55
I'm using to generate DZI images and the antialiasing filter did not help
I tried to blur the source image and regenerate and the DZI produced are much better for the lower res, useless for the high res since the pattern is all mixed up.
As a workaround I can keep the DZI with the blurred source for low res and the original DZI for high res, but I'm interested if you have any suggestion or better tools to recommend
Ian Gilman
Nov 15 2016 17:39
@sickrandir Sounds like the moire is in the tiles, not something OSD is adding afterwards? So yeah, sounds like some sort of tweak to the tile generation process is necessary. Maybe you could update your copy of to automatically make the low res tiles based on a blurred version but keep the high res tiles unblurred
You might want to play with some of the other tilers here: see if any of them have options to address this sort of thing, or if they just work better to begin with
Or you could start a new clothing brand composed entirely of moire patterns! ;)