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Dec 2016
Luca Lianas
Dec 16 2016 14:01 UTC
Thanks @iangilman it seems exactly what I need. How long do you think that will take to have these new features on a stable version of openseadragon?
Shaun Ellis
Dec 16 2016 15:39 UTC
Is there ever a scenario where you have an instance of OpenSeadragon with multiple tileSources but you want sequenceMode to be false? It seems to me that would be an edge case and sequenceMode should default to true if there are multiple tileSources, but maybe not. Wanted to check here before submitting an issue and a pull request.
Patrick Liechty
Dec 16 2016 15:46 UTC
Am I missing something in the docs. I see where you can add a tiled image, but I don't see how you can remove one.