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Mar 2017
Mar 06 2017 12:03
Is there any provision to rotate individual images? I googled some and found some discussions and PR's related to rotate, but wasn't sure whether they were about rotating the entire viewport or individual images.
Mar 06 2017 15:07
Please ignore my question. I see the setRotation() method now. Thanks.
Ian Gilman
Mar 06 2017 19:04
Hmm... Gitter hasn't been notifying me of new messages here... sorry for the silence
@altert Any thoughts about what might be a good way to collect a list of OpenSeadragon developers? I was hoping would have an easy way to tag yourself with OpenSeadragon, but I'm not seeing it.
@sickrandir For press and hold, you'd want to watch the viewer's canvas-press and canvas-release events. We don't have anything higher level than that specifically for press and hold