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Mar 2017
Ankit Kumar
Mar 08 2017 06:52

Hi @iangilman
i have multiple .dzi file and i need all the deep zoom images to align next to each other. I tried
tilesources : ["image1.dzi", "image2.dzi", "image3.dzi"]


BUt only the image3 is shown in the OSD.

Any Suggestion?

Mar 08 2017 15:36
@iangilman thanx for the suggestion. I'm using those events and I'll show you how it goes.
I have another question: has someone already implemented pannig with just mouse movement? without dragging...
Mar 08 2017 15:43
nevermind. I searched better and found this that it's exactly whatt I wanted:
Ian Gilman
Mar 08 2017 17:33
Excellent :)
@Ankit548Ankit_twitter I've answered your post on GitHub