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Mar 2017
Mar 30 2017 09:09
Hi @iangilman, I found a strange behaviour testing my code on Safari on Mac. In my canvas-click event handler, the property pointerType, in the object data.originalEvent.pointerType is undefined. The same code in chrome produces the same event but the pointerType property is always defined.
Ian Gilman
Mar 30 2017 16:51
@sickrandir originalEvent is just whatever the browser gives us, so I guess Safari doesn't support that property
Lucian Apetrei
Mar 30 2017 18:46
Hi guys, I'm wondering, how do I make the script work with custom tiles as in, let's say I have 1 million images of 300x300px (numbered from 1.jpg to 1.000.000.jpg, how do I make the script load them and have different zoom levels without having all the tiles for all the zoom levels already generated?
Or, is there a back-end framework or library that can process 1 million images and create a format or pyramid level tiles really fast?
Ian Gilman
Mar 30 2017 18:49
Well, for starters, if your images are that small, you don't need to bother tiling them. Tiling really only makes sense for images over, say, 2000px
Here's the list of tiling tools we know of:
One approach would be to build one of those into your server side process. VIPS is very fast, for instance
There's also which is a server that takes raw images and spits out tiles dynamically