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Apr 2017
Illya Moskvin
Apr 03 2017 04:04
Just following up on my question: I figured it out, even got it to "wait" until a certain dragging threshold is reached to propagate the event, so if the user presses on the hotspot and drags less than e.g. 10 px, it'll count as a click. I can share the code, if there's interest, but I need to test pinching first. Not sure what will happen if the user puts one finger inside the hotspot, and another, outside...
Ian Gilman
Apr 03 2017 16:42
@IllyaMoskvin Glad you found something that worked. There's also the quick property for the canvas-click event:
What you're doing will probably give you a lot more flexibility, though
@Lucian_Apetrei_twitter Here's an example of using multi-image to make a giant zoomable grid of images: this is using OSD
With a million images, though, the problem is that's a million server requests, so you really do want to stitch the images together somehow (unless you only show people a subsection of the million at any one time)
How often does the collection update? One solution would be to composite them once a day and build a tile pyramid out of that using, say, VIPS