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Apr 2017
Apr 19 2017 07:39
Hi, I am new to openseadragon and deep zooming. I want to generate deep zoom tiles for an image of size 50,000 x 50,000 pixels (file size aroung 700MB). I tried using deep zoom composer software but it keeps loading the file without any success. For files uptill 100 MB deep zoom composer works well. Please help me how can i generate deep zoom tiles for such large image. Thanks
Ian Gilman
Apr 19 2017 17:14
@sohaib_ghani_twitter There are a number of tools you can use:
For large images I'm a fan of VIPS
Lucian Apetrei
Apr 19 2017 19:34
@iangilman The thing is, I don't have a very large image, I have many many small images, let's say one million images of 300x300px each.
If there is a way to load them directly from some sort of index, that would be crazy awesome.
Ian Gilman
Apr 19 2017 20:54
@Lucian_Apetrei_twitter you can certainly do that... that's basically what I do with The problem is one million images means one million trips between the browser and the server, so you really want to find some way to combine them somehow
(unless you are only showing a subset of the area at any one time)