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May 2017
Jose Varanam
May 05 2017 06:43
thanks @iangilman , I would like to know, is possible to load 8000 resolution image as the background image, on top of that i need to add a png image of same resolution, above that need to place a map with highlight "similar to example"
Ian Gilman
May 05 2017 16:44
@jvaranam Do you want the background image and PNG image to zoom in sync with each other? If so, they should both be OSD images added to the same viewer using the "multi-image" feature:
The highlight could also be yet another OSD image. You could also use some sort of overlay. The open layers example seems to be using an SVG overlay... you can do that with OSD with
OSD doesn't have any built in geo support, though, so if you're wanting geo features you might be better off with open layers or leaflet.
(just depends on what you need)