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May 2017
Ian Gilman
May 19 2017 17:30
OSD is now available on two CDNs! ...thanks to the hard work of folks at both jsDelivr and CDNJS :)
Alexey Tikhonov
May 19 2017 19:09
Cdnjs images link results in 403. I guess listing is disabled, which might be a good thing) but then I guess there shouldn't be a link to dir
Lucian Apetrei
May 19 2017 19:29
Ian Gilman
May 19 2017 20:23
@altert Yeah, I couldn't figure out the best way to communicate that. You need a link to the images directory for the prefixUrl, but yes, the direct link gives you a 403. Seems like it's worth including the link because of the prefix URL requirement but maybe I should add a note afterwards explaining that it's okay that it's 403 if you click on it directly... I just thought maybe the note would be even more confusing...
Ian Gilman
May 19 2017 22:40
@altert What do you think would be best?