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Jun 2017
Jun 05 2017 08:26
@iangilman it definitely happens when the image goes partially offline.
using the debugMode flag makes it clear
Jun 05 2017 08:46
@iangilman opened the issue (openseadragon/openseadragon#1211). I'm going to update it if further informations come up in debugging.
Sean Nichols
Jun 05 2017 21:36
Is anyone able to explain why the tile cache release cutoff is set this way in TiledImage?
If, for example, I have a tile size of 256 in my image any tiles in level 8 or below of the tile source will never be released from the tile cache. That seems incorrect to me and it's causing some memory issues after navigating around an image for a while. Maybe I'm missing something?
Ian Gilman
Jun 05 2017 23:16
@sickrandir Great, thank you :)
@seanich I guess that's meant to make sure we never lose the "master" (a tile that includes the entire image). Seems like maybe it should be updated to be more explicit about selecting the largest level where the entire image is a single tile, like my recent change here: openseadragon/openseadragon#1198