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Jul 2017
Kuldeep Chawla
Jul 03 2017 23:09
We are trying to use the OpenSeadragon to display images but not able to find any documentation to set it up
Ian Gilman
Jul 03 2017 23:24
@chawlak11 Have you explored the documentation on the website? What kind of images?
@jadoff630 I've done it before, so it's certainly possible. I don't remember the details. I believe we had to store the images on a different server, since squarespace doesn't have the sort of file storage where you can maintain a folder structure (this is assuming you're using tiled images)
Beyond that, it's just a matter of sticking the appropriate JavaScript somewhere on your squarespace page
@chawlak11 Anyway, start here: ...and ask questions I suppose!