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Jul 2017
Jul 05 2017 22:47
This is probably a question for @msalsbery. I found another mouse tracking issue similar to openseadragon/openseadragon#626. On a touch device with an old, wired mouse, I found that I could get the image stuck to the mouse by doing mouse-down, touch-down, mouse-up, touch-up because no mouse-up event was fired. Using the device's trackpad, it was a lot harder to reproduce the issue--the device firmware was smart enough to fire a mouse-up event when I touched the screen--but I eventually got it into the bad state and through logging I could see that somehow it lost the mouse-up event while I was touching the screen. I can't see any reason why it should track the mouse at the same time as touch, so how does it sound if I add a patch to release all active mouse pointers on touch start?
Ian Gilman
Jul 05 2017 22:58
@LarissaSmith Wow, you're finding all sorts of great stuff! That fix sounds good to me, though I'll defer to @msalsbery if he has other thoughts. His availability is limited at the moment, though, so we shouldn't wait for him. CC him on your pull request at least...
Thank you for tracking these things down :)