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Jul 2017
Ian Gilman
Jul 25 2017 16:03
@pipriles That can certainly be done, but you'd have to build it yourself. You'd disable the default dragging functionality with Viewer options, then add a MouseTracker and watch for key and mouse move events. When the mouse moved while the space bar was held down, you'd tell the viewport to pan the appropriate amount (converting from web coordinates to viewport coordinates).
Alexey Tikhonov
Jul 25 2017 20:12
@iangilman I've moved Fabricjs plugin to viewport coordinates)
thanks for input)
Oswaldo Capriles
Jul 25 2017 20:55
@iangilman I see... thanks.
Ian Gilman
Jul 25 2017 22:33
@altert awesome! I hope you're happy with the results :-)
@pipriles let me know if you have trouble putting it together