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Aug 2017
Oswaldo Capriles
Aug 21 2017 02:35
@iangilman Hello, i solved my issue using fabric.js event listeners, but still can't understand why it stopped working when changing to that version of fabric, i don't know also why setting the MouseTracker to false made it to work.
@iangilman It's like openseadragon conflicts with other events, i also have a problem with Angular 2 click events, that doesn't work just on iOS...
Oswaldo Capriles
Aug 21 2017 03:04
looks like i can fix the angular issue using MouseTracker on the overlays, but with angular material the material animation goes away... :s
Aug 21 2017 13:12
Thanks again @iangilman. I'll read through osd code a bit more to familiarise myself with how the TileCache works and go from there. I'd also like to implement a smooth transition between parts of the image that are a long distance from each other, by zooming out while panning and then zooming back in again - like navigating via a midpoint that has a low zoom level compared to the start and end bounds. I found the "union" method on the Rect class and I think unioning the starting and ending bounding boxes will give me the perfect bounding box to navigate "via". Is there a nice way to implement this transition that you know of? I'd ideally like it to be smooth all the way rather than pausing at the midpoint.