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Sep 2017
Sep 08 2017 09:27
Morning everyone :3
Sep 08 2017 09:33
i'm using OSD with an image sequence for an interactive viewer with a search function that uses viewer.goToPage() to change the current level. After a call to goToPage(), the "next" navigation button becomes unresponsive for some reason until you click the "previous" button at least once. Then both sequence control buttons work as expected. how do i go about checking whether this is a bug or just me doing it wrong?
i've condensed my code into a smaller test case that still exhibits this behavior. commenting out line 162 makes the nav buttons work from the start:
Ian Gilman
Sep 08 2017 17:17
@tloch Very strange. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your code, so it may very well be a bug (though I haven't heard of it before). You might try looking here in the code: