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Dec 2017
Samuel Allen
Dec 08 2017 22:54
I've got a weird issue I'm seeing. I don't think it's specifically an issue produced by OSD code, other than that it is around transformed SVG's whose transforms were generated by OSD rendering in the right place, but behaving super strangely in Firefox. In Chrome, all is well. I have an SVG overlay which scales with my images beautifully. In Firefox, I can't interact with the drag handles until I balloon them to a certain size. Then they can respond to pointer events like hover and drag. The elements render in the right spot, but the eventable space (once the element has been ballooned) is usually a little off to the side in one direction or another. Here's a codepen demonstrating the issue:
Again, not explicitly an OSD bug, but as OSD powered the calculations being passed into the SVG I thought I might check if anyone else has seen this kind of behavior
Ian Gilman
Dec 08 2017 23:18
@dehuszar It may be another face of openseadragon/svg-overlay#20