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Dec 2017
Samuel Allen
Dec 10 2017 05:20
@iangilman ...maybe. I feel like your theory about transform rounding is probably on the right path. In my codepen, there is no OSD library or anything. Just HTML with the SVG transforms hard-coded in, and some CSS. The only JS in the pen is for validating when elements record an eventable interaction. ...and Firefox does visually render the elements in the right place, it's just that the eventable space for those elements is not in proper alignment with the visual rendering. I'll post a bug with Mozilla. On a different tack, is there a way to replicate the concept of an svg-overlay inside the canvas object using OSD's API? I'm starting to think SVG rendering across browsers is just going to cause me pain. Don't have a lot of direct experience with canvas, but it seems like less pain at this point than trying to patch browser bugs, or waiting for someone else to