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Jan 2018
Jan 19 2018 04:29
@iangilman I am sorry, I may not be able to do that as this issue is only happening in an intranet server which is being set up for doing some performance testing activities. :(:(
Jan 19 2018 10:45
@iangilman actually I need to draw svg and add to the viewer. svg need to be updated every time based on some data. Is that possible???
Douglas Russell
Jan 19 2018 16:43
@prayagk Sounds like you might want instead
Ian Gilman
Jan 19 2018 17:19
@prayagk Indeed, if you just want to be able to zoom and pan around an SVG there are probably better libraries for that. OSD is good when you have pixel data.
That said, it's probably possible to use OSD plus the SVG overlay to zoom and pan a purely SVG image if you really wanted to.
Either way, you would need a different library to manipulate the SVG. D3 is a good choice for that, but there are others as well, such as Snap.
@vin-dev Can you make a repro that doesn't depend on your intranet server? If not, perhaps there's something unique about your setup that's causing this.