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Jan 2018
Samuel Allen
Jan 25 2018 21:36
@iangilman is there a property that would allow me to only zoom out to the width or height of an image? I've been playing with minZoomImageRatio. The API description says it is a percentage of the viewport height or width but I can only seem to get it to map to the width. The default value always lines up to the width, but it seems like to map to the height I have to just go lower and lower, like down to 0.4; The larger problem I'm trying to solve is to have a zoom-out level that works well for both horizontal and vertically oriented images which our application will occasionally switch between
Samuel Allen
Jan 25 2018 21:57
Ah, I think I figured it out. Digging in the wrong place. Looks like defaultZoomLevel was actually what I wanted
Ian Gilman
Jan 25 2018 22:27
@dehuszar :thumbsup: