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Jan 2018
Jan 30 2018 11:33
can anybody tell me about what the levels in tileSources mean??
Grant Echols
Jan 30 2018 15:30
I'm trying to convert pixel coordinates from the original image into coordinates I can use to create an overlay in the viewer. I'm confused at what set of coordinate conversions I should be using. Currently I use the tiledImage.imageToViewportRectangle(1182, 285,1464-1182,369-285). The resulting rectangle is {x: 0, y: 116.61752066115702, width: 47.7302479338843, height: 14.217520661157023, degrees: 0}. The X coordinate seems way off and the overlay ends up being way too small. What is the recommended way of converting image coordinates to overlay coordinates?
Grant Echols
Jan 30 2018 15:42
My end goal is to call viewer.addOverlay
Grant Echols
Jan 30 2018 16:38
Hm...belay that question - I didn't realize my input was still in string form. Erk!
Ian Gilman
Jan 30 2018 18:07