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Mar 2018
Mar 04 2018 06:46

I am following the Basic Single-Row Tile Source Collection example with the same configurations and tile sources as mentioned in the example.
I am now trying to add overlays on the first and second image but having trouble doing it.
The first overlay should have been positioned on top of the first image and the second overlay should have been placed on the second image but its not happening that way..
I am adding the overlays collection to the tileSources collection.
Are the overlays not independent for different pages?

Also, I get the below error in console after adding the overlays, I do not understand how I can use TiledImage.imageToViewportRectangle in such basic initialization of the plugin.

[Viewport.imageToViewportRectangle] is not accurate with multi-image; use TiledImage.imageToViewportRectangle instead.