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Mar 2018
Mar 16 2018 11:17
Morning all - is anyone around?
Mar 16 2018 11:24
Is it possible to implement the reference strip without implementing the whole of the viewer?
If you go to , hover over the picture and click on View items you see an implementation of the film strip - I want to be able to implement a smaller version of this on another site but not to show the current item.
Mar 16 2018 11:42
Someone talked about it here openseadragon/openseadragon#1045 but I can't work out if he was successful or not.
Ian Gilman
Mar 16 2018 17:18
@dolearning_twitter yes, I'm not sure if he managed to get it working. Looks like this is the project:
So I understand better, why do you want the OpenSeadragon reference strip in particular? There are lots of JavaScript thumbnail carousels; you could use one of those.