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Mar 2018
Deleema Fernando
Mar 26 2018 07:40

Hi all, I have a quick question. At the moment I'm using a project written using OpenSeaDragon, which uses a lot of plugins in
OpenSeaDragon so I can't replace the OpenSeaDragon library. I want to use OpenLayers on top of that so I can uses features support by OpenLayers.

Is there a way to add OpenSeaDragon canvas into OpenLayers and forward events(panning, zooming, rotation) into OpenSeaDragon?
And can OpenSeaDragon canvas be specifically added as a layer to OpenLayers View?

If none of above possible, Can I use an approach where both canvases stay separately on the page, OpenSeaDragon canvas bottom
OpenLayers canvas top and all the user interaction happen with OpenLayers canvas. make both canvases sync?

OSD & OL.png
Ian Gilman
Mar 26 2018 20:20
@tdiprima I assume you're using the magnifier plugin? I'm not familiar with its code, but I imagine it just magnifies the canvas and none of the overlays. You'd have to add overlays to its functionality, or ask the author of the plugin.
@delleemarf_twitter Wow, I've never thought to try that! I haven't heard of anyone doing it. It might be possible... You'll have to experiment. I'm happy to answer questions if you find specific areas you need help with on the OpenSeadragon side.
I guess the other options are finding (or implementing) whatever OSD plugins you're using in OL, or implementing whatever OL features you want in OSD. Hard to say which of those three options would be easiest without knowing which plugins/features you need.