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Mar 2018
Jamal Taylor
Mar 29 2018 13:25
It appears I got it work perfectly with React.
Maybe I should put up an example so others can look at it or offer suggestions
Jamal Taylor
Mar 29 2018 19:49
@iangilman I have a quick question what would be the easiest way to implement captions over or on an Image?
Douglas Russell
Mar 29 2018 21:47
@Louis345 Sorry I never got back to you. Turns out we never made our React prototype of that page I linked public. Sounds like you figured it out though.
Ian Gilman
Mar 29 2018 22:47
@Louis345 excellent! And yes, if you could share an example for others that would be great :-)
@Louis345 as for captions, just bits of text floating on the image in sync with how it gets panned? Do you want the text to also zoom with the image? If you just want panning should be fine. If you want zooming as well, you might look into