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Apr 2018
Eser Kandogan
Apr 02 2018 23:06
I would appreciate any guidance on how to replace tiles loaded dynamically at different zoom levels, x and y. I am trying to load images through getTilesURL at specific zoom level, x and y, then post-process image data (asynchronously) and replace the tile at that same zoom level , x, and y with the post-processed image. Is this possible?
Eser Kandogan
Apr 02 2018 23:11
@eserkandogan addTileImage has x, and y (in world coordinates, as opposed to x and y tile order) but does not have zoom level.
Ian Gilman
Apr 02 2018 23:20
addTiledImage is for a whole image (often composed of many tiles) not a specific tile.
I guess we don't have postprocessing examples lying around...