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Apr 2018
Mario Emmenlauer
Apr 18 2018 11:39
Ah great, the wiki is exactly what I was looking for! And yes, it seems I unknowingly re-created the DZI format. So we should be good to go, thats super awesome!!! Thanks a lot!
{ gilles : ''François'' }
Apr 18 2018 11:46
hello, I have one question regardin options for openseadragon (wich is a pretty great tool by the way).
I want to disabled pan when the image is not zoomed, to avoid this sort of black space around the unzoomed panned image.
anybody knows how to do that ? Thanks a lot
Ian Gilman
Apr 18 2018 16:34
@emmenlau Excellent!
@jilfransoi_twitter By default it tries to make sure the image is at least 50% visible. You can change that to 100% by using visibilityRatio: 1 in your viewer options.