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Aug 2018
Benjamin Pirih
Aug 04 2018 23:35
Thanks Ian

here is the xml file that was also generated tilemapresource.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TileMap version="1.0.0" tilemapservice="">
<BoundingBox minx="-8192.00000000000000" miny="0.00000000000000" maxx="0.00000000000000" maxy="8192.00000000000000"/>
<Origin x="-8192.00000000000000" y="0.00000000000000"/>
<TileFormat width="256" height="256" mime-type="image/png" extension="png"/>
<TileSets profile="raster">
<TileSet href="0" units-per-pixel="32.00000000000000" order="0"/>
<TileSet href="1" units-per-pixel="16.00000000000000" order="1"/>
<TileSet href="2" units-per-pixel="8.00000000000000" order="2"/>
<TileSet href="3" units-per-pixel="4.00000000000000" order="3"/>
<TileSet href="4" units-per-pixel="2.00000000000000" order="4"/>
<TileSet href="5" units-per-pixel="1.00000000000000" order="5"/>

Ian Gilman
Aug 04 2018 23:43
@bpirih_gitlab Cool. Well, have you tried using 8192 as the width and height? Is that the size of the original image?
Looks like there might be more information about that format here:
Benjamin Pirih
Aug 04 2018 23:45
honestly that is excellent question.. i wasn't given access to source files only gdal2tiles output..
Benjamin Pirih
Aug 04 2018 23:52
note the image appears to be 1/4th of what it should be..
homeFillsViewer: true, so it should scale to fill available space I believe..