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Aug 2018
Rafael Osipov
Aug 14 2018 03:09
If I understand correctly, I have to split my original bitmap image to tiles and arrange them in a folder structure. Am I right? Is there a simpler way to just specify one image without splitting to tiles ?
Benjamin Pirih
Aug 14 2018 14:25
@iangilman was able to overcome my issue. Was using a earlier version of google maps via query string parameter &v=3.31 once I started using new render and latest version that issue went away.. woo hoo!! Thank you!
Ian Gilman
Aug 14 2018 16:15
@cdefgah Depends on how big the image is... If it's less than 2000px wide you can use without turning it into tiles. If it's bigger than that, you still can use the whole image at once if you want, but it'll be unpleasantly slow to load.
There are lots of tools for turning your image into tiles:
Probably the easiest is:
@bpirih_gitlab Awesome! I love it when a simple upgrade does the trick ;)