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Sep 2018
Ian Gilman
Sep 04 2018 18:03
@KevinSjoberg Cool! Seems to be working...
Pixelate is an interesting case; you kind of want that running on the resulting canvas rather than the individual tiles, so you get a constant pixel size.
I'll take a closer look when I get a chance.
Hopefully @avandecreme and @thejohnhoffer can also take a look.
Kevin Sjöberg
Sep 04 2018 19:28
@iangilman thanks for the response. Honestly, pixelate isn't a requirement at the moment. I just put it in for testing.
What I'm seeing right now, is a delay in applying filters compared to OpenSeaDragonFiltering.
I've been trying to understand why this is, but so far I have not managed to make progress.
Kevin Sjöberg
Sep 04 2018 19:34
In my latest commit, 2d4040ac4fe49bc2120b52f509b025af7e8aa2ab, I tried to use the filter backend directly. Using the tile canvas as the target. Unfortunately, I still have performance problems.
It's weird, because the application itself, seem fast.
Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 21.35.44.png