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Sep 2018
Harshali Talele
Sep 26 2018 07:07
Is there anyway to rotate overlays on openseadragon viewer?
I want to just rotate overlays.
I tried sending degrees parameter with the location rectangle in addOverlay method, but it did not work.
One way I can achieve this is by having an enclosing div above rotated element and adding this div.
Ian Gilman
Sep 26 2018 16:45
@harshalitalele We don't have rotation support for overlays. If you're just using the straight HTML overlays (the ones built into OSD) you can apply css transforms to them if you want.
There are a number of other overlay options in ... None of them directly support rotation either, but they all have ways you can rotate (e.g. SVG supports transforms, as does canvas, etc.).
Harshali Talele
Sep 26 2018 18:36

I tried transform but it just gets overridden I think.
So I tried wrapping it inside a normal un-rotated div and adding div as an overlay here as Ruler annotation.

Oh I did apply transform to my <hr> element directly actually.
Thanks @iangilman :)
I think I will try similar approach for freeform annotations of transforms.
I am looking for help in finding and solving issues for this annotations project.
Here's the development code -
Ian Gilman
Sep 26 2018 20:13
@harshalitalele Looks neat! I'm happy to be a sounding board for specific issues. Perhaps others would be interested in diving in more. It might be helpful to give some specifics for what you are hoping for.