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Oct 2018
Oct 18 2018 08:10
@iangilman My native image is quite big ( more than 3go TiFF image ).
Anyway I followed your advice and made a DZI with Libvips. With this, everything works great.
But generating bigtiff images from Gis software (QGIS - Gdal library ) will not be the best way to process,especially for larger projects.
So I'm still interseted If someone has a solution for this TMS support...
Oct 18 2018 08:31
@iangilman FYI, I've found this :
" Setup a new Imagery source with the following URL: tms:{zoom}/{x}/{-y}.png"
So 1st level is the zoom level, 2nd is X "rows" level (begining with a "0" directory) and 3rd level, the files, Y "columns" files (begining with a "0" png)
Hope it could help...
Ian Gilman
Oct 18 2018 16:12
@galoulebougalou Cool... let me know if it works!