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Oct 2018
Ian Gilman
Oct 26 2018 00:11
@Kampenuss_twitter Sorry to hear that! It does sound like it's the machine, but I'll let you know if I think of anything else.
Oct 26 2018 13:01
Good morning. Is there a good way to easily access the image being rendered to the navigator for a separate widget?
For a sort of secondary thumbnail (which I will be layering a number of other controls onto)
Ian Gilman
Oct 26 2018 16:20
@benw-rc The navigator is actually just another viewer, so you can do all the regular viewer stuff with it. For a secondary thumbnail you have a number of options: You can make a second navigator or just another viewer pointing at the same stuff. The viewer/navigator does its thing in a canvas, so you can theoretically copy the pixels out of that canvas and use those however you want (as long as you don't have cross site security restrictions).
You could also grab one of the thumbnail tiles out of the tile stack (if you're doing DZI, level 7 or so could be good).
Ian Gilman
Oct 26 2018 16:27
Cool new plugin allows you to overlay things like GIFs and videos that pan and zoom with your OSD image: