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Oct 2018
Ian Gilman
Oct 27 2018 00:19
@KevinSjoberg Hey, remember me? ;) Finally coming up for air. I took another look at your project. Seems pretty reasonable, considering how things are structured in OSD. One question: it looks like you're loading the image yourself when the tile loads, rather than using the image the tile already has? Presumably that's not a big problem because it's in the browser cache, but maybe it'll be faster to use the OSD version? Presumably you've got a good reason, though...
The whole thing seems pretty well performant on my machine, except it hiccups sometimes at tile thresholds (when you zoom in to a new level). Presumably that's because it's processing a whole lot of tiles at the same time. Perhaps the animation would be smoother if you processed the tiles a little bit at a time rather than all at once.
This is most apparent if you zoom in and out and then change one of the filter settings. It redoes the tiles you're looking at but not the other cached tiles (until you zoom into them). Perhaps you could process all of the other cached tiles a little bit at a time even when they aren't displayed.
I've also tagged you on an issue where more of this stuff is being discussed.
How are things going on your end?