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Mar 2018
Mar 30 2018 17:42

(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Well, we've been putting off nailing down a date for the canonical 3.0 release. As far as I understand it, all that we have left are unit tests from @Vperus and mouse confinement/visibility separation. These issues are deadlocking most, if not all, of the work required for us to start moving towards 4.0 and the .NET Standard release. I'm of the opinion that we should set a date - preferably not too far off - as a release deadline for incoming pull requests. We need to move forward, and as it is, we're locked.

I'd like to put it to a general vote between the regular contributors and the maintainers - what do you think?

@contributor @maintainer

(Discord) winterhell: One suggestion I have, is that the project keeps a 3.0 branch even after we move to 4.0
(Discord) winterhell: If someone really wants the .Net framework support 3.0 offers and has problems with it, they'll be able to submit PRs for it
Mar 30 2018 17:49
(Discord) Vperus: You can just release 3.0, and move pull request to next version
(Discord) Vperus: problem with confinig -> I doesn't have test machine, even with great testing comments in pr it's hard to work with
Mar 30 2018 17:54
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Alright
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Yeah, I expect us to keep a 3.0 branch around, but I don't see it getting any backports from 4.0 and forward, unless someone really, really wants it
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): 4.0 is meant to make 3.0 obsolete
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): As a preliminary date, how does the 1st of May sound? It's about a month away, and does give all outstanding PRs some time to prepare
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Or get merged
Mar 30 2018 22:46
(Discord) ppy: we're currently using a netstandard fork (also have nuget packages pushed for it)
(Discord) ppy: still a few regressions when running under core hosts, but it shouldn't be too much work to get vanilla up to date
(Discord) ppy: highlight @smoogipoo since he's done more on it than i have