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Apr 2018
Apr 11 2018 01:50
has Opentk some method to glfwWaitEvents? I need create a UI, but it consumes a lot of cpu
Apr 11 2018 10:41
(Discord) Hawk: It appears that the graphics card in which the application is crashing is and is compatible with OpenGL 2.1. But even also changing glsl with 1.2 it still crashes. (The code is available on
Apr 11 2018 11:07
(Discord) Hawk: Also driver version is but I cannot find if it's compatible with glsl1.2 or not
Apr 11 2018 20:39
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): ADL now supports calli. Step by step closer to a replacement for the rewriter
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Firwood-Software/AdvanceDLSupport#25
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): It's also interesting to see the benchmarks
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): I can see why OpenTK uses it