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Apr 2018
Apr 15 2018 07:50
@sourceskyboxer why do you think thats an opentk issue?
Apr 15 2018 11:15
Sorry I am very busy @ThomasD13 asnd @daerogami
Because I forgot to tell
You know I already tried to MouseClick via Exit = no problem but with GL-Commands can not because you try to down than point will land to viewport Did you try
Now I am working as my own game with OpenTK ( very latest )
I am very excited to step to step from LWJGL into OpenTK :P But Shader loads and crashes impossible....
Apr 15 2018 14:07
Yay It fixed because I need be careful cause i need like instance of classes example:
private StaticShader shader;
// override onLoad
shader = new StaticShader();
// override onRenderFrame
Apr 15 2018 14:24
@sourceskyboxer I don't help you. No.
Apr 15 2018 15:04
@ThomasD13 Thanks you're really like wrong person that is why I will be careful to you. If you don't help than you leave us from
Apr 15 2018 15:53
(Discord) winterhell: Can I request/use a 32-bit C dll regardless of my .net code being 32-bit or 64-bit?
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): No, the process architecture has to match
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): So AnyCPU will work, but you still have to match the arch
(Discord) winterhell: So I can provide both versions, and choose on the fly which one to load?
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): The defaults vary depending on runtime and project format
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Not with normal DllImport
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): But you can with ADL :P in fact, it has builtin support for this specific use case
(Discord) winterhell: So I'll have to use LoadLibrary()
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): ADL allows you to A) select library at runtime, B) not worry and let the ADL pick between lib/x64 or lib/x86 in your apps directory
Apr 15 2018 15:58
(Discord) winterhell: Azure Data Lake?
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): No lol
(Discord) winterhell: Ah
(Discord) winterhell: Thanks
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): <- author so if you have any qs just say so
(Discord) winterhell: I'll definitely give it a try
Apr 15 2018 16:07
(Discord) winterhell: Is it possible to change the target to .Net Framework?
All I see is Net Standard
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Net standard is compatible with net framework
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): That's the whole point of it
(Discord) winterhell: On the Target Framework drop down menu I have Net Standard 1.0 through 1.6
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Fx 461 and up
(Discord) winterhell: ah
(Discord) winterhell: damn
(Discord) winterhell: I was hoping for Net Framework 2.0
(Discord) winterhell: because reasons
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): That is absolutely ancient
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Why
(Discord) winterhell: Personally I have no need for the newer features of the C# language
(Discord) winterhell: And still want to target XP
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Mono?
(Discord) winterhell: It doesnt work
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Clarify
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Feel free to pull the source and see if you can get it to compile for a lower fx
Apr 15 2018 16:12
(Discord) winterhell: Like I said the net framework versions are not in the drop down for target
(Discord) winterhell: Perhaps some compilation symbols need to be changed?
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): It's because it doesn't target the fx at all
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): You'll have to add it to the targets in the csproj file
(Discord) winterhell: I'm so confused
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Get with the times, grandpa 😝
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Lol
(Discord) winterhell: heh
(Discord) winterhell: In every csproj, or can I unload some of the projects?
(Discord) winterhell: like the tests and the benchmark
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Yeah those can go
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): brb
Apr 15 2018 16:23
(Discord) winterhell: changed
<TargetFramework>netstandard2.0</TargetFramework> to <TargetFrameworkVersion>v2.0</TargetFrameworkVersion>
and LangVersion to 2.0
(Discord) winterhell: In VS it says 'this project needs to be migrated'
Apr 15 2018 16:29
Yeah i have got initial nice texture loading :P
Apr 15 2018 16:36
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): That doesn't work
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Keep TargetFramework
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Set it to net20 instead
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): It's using the new project format
(Discord) winterhell: It cant find some nuget dependencies
Apr 15 2018 16:41
(Discord) winterhell: Perhaps I need to lower their version or?
This message was deleted
(Discord) winterhell: btw even if it doesnt work in the end, its still important to know how to switch between the versions
(Discord) winterhell: I can imagine I can drop StyleCop for now. Do I just remove it? And from where?
Apr 15 2018 17:22
(Discord) CallumDev: "still want to target XP"
(Discord) CallumDev: ???????
(Discord) winterhell: Can we stop with the 'why'. Please
(Discord) winterhell: Why people keep making games for Atari 2600, Sega Mega Drive and Sega Dreamcast.
It gets old
(Discord) CallumDev: i thought you got .net 4 on xp anyway
(Discord) winterhell: Sure, I want to know how to lower the dependencies to net 4.0
(Discord) winterhell: (if at all possible)
Apr 15 2018 17:43
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): 4.0 should be doable
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Use the nuget manager
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): You don't have to retarget the packages, that happens auto if they're compatible
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): I can have a peek when I get home
Apr 15 2018 20:01
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): @winterhell Did some tests - due to the principal way the library does its thing, it requires at least .NET 4.5
Apr 15 2018 20:03
And I have problem with matrix4 and it looks like crazy it can not move if I use Matrix.CreateRotationX(rx) etc than it looks like dead, don't move, rotate or scale How do I fix? I already searched
Apr 15 2018 20:11
(Discord) winterhell: Gotcha
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Might be able to get away with an older version of Mono
(Discord) winterhell: Everywhere I search, they say last Mono on XP doesnt run 4.5
(Discord) winterhell: Its a headscratcher since it runs on Linux
Apr 15 2018 20:17
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): They just killed XP support since MS did it. Too many reasons not to use it. About as secure as a safe using boiled pasta for hinges
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Even OpenRA bumped to 4.5
(Discord) winterhell: but their reasoning was
1) microsoft stopped supporting net 4.0 (which doesnt mean anything)
2) some other dependency has bumped to 4.5 ( i just checked and it targets both 3.5 and 4.0)
(Discord) winterhell: Next year Microsoft are going to release Visual Studio 2019 with NET Core 3.0 with no Windows 7 support
(Discord) winterhell: If you catch my drift
Apr 15 2018 20:23
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Frankly, I am of the opinion that anyone who is using XP would be better off moving to a Linux distro. Staying on XP is absolutely senseless, unless you want to do it for the sake of a gag or because you find it entertaining - like some people still make games for old classic consoles
(Discord) winterhell: btw
(Discord) winterhell: Do you know if you can package the .net core 2.0 runtime with the program?
(Discord) winterhell: For machines where you dont have admin rights to run an installer
(Discord) winterhell: Or you need to use Mono for that
Apr 15 2018 20:29
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Yeah, you can. It's one of the big things they're touting
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): It's very easy too
(Discord) winterhell: That'd be helpful
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): dotnet publish
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Start there
(Discord) winterhell: Thanks
Apr 15 2018 20:38

But I have tried and but translation can not move. How is my code correct or wrong?

Do I have "*" than it will wrok or what?

Apr 15 2018 21:38
(Discord) CallumDev: Windows 7 is gonna be the next XP
(Discord) CallumDev: Even if you do have to do hacks to get windows update on modern PCs
Apr 15 2018 21:44
(Discord) winterhell: I would take Vista over Windows 10 any day thanks
(Discord) winterhell: They really outdid themselves on that one, its almost as bad as Millenium Edition
Apr 15 2018 22:06
(Discord) CallumDev: Anecdotal but after having win10 updates nuke themselves twice I gave up
(Discord) CallumDev: My windows partition is for PIX and Overwatch