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Apr 2018
Apr 30 2018 06:14
(Discord) winterhell: it shouldnt
(Discord) winterhell: I can guess what is happening
(Discord) winterhell: with the first count you are drawing 1 cube
(Discord) winterhell: with the second drawing you are adding the next cube and changing the texture
(Discord) winterhell: so it renders both, but you already have the first cube occupying the same space as the first cube from the previous rendering, but with different texture
(Discord) winterhell: The second pass cube is culled by the Z-buffer
(Discord) winterhell: If you want you can try drawing the first object with one texture, then change the texture and redraw again and see if it changes or it keeps the same
Apr 30 2018 15:57
(Discord) Zaphyk: how can I create a KeyboardKeyEventArgs and set it's fields? I need to simulate a key press for the sake of an automation test but it seems like the only constructor takes an already created KeyboardKeyEventArgs
(Discord) Zaphyk: any ideas?
Apr 30 2018 16:04
(Discord) Hawk: try
new KeyboardKeyEventArgs 
    Key = Key.A
Apr 30 2018 16:10

Or easy explanation:

KeyboardState keyState = Keyboard.GetState();

Please make sure Constructor or Update method with if else statement with input of Mouse and Keyboard.

Apr 30 2018 16:26
(Discord) Zaphyk: @Hawk the thing is, Key has a private setter so I cant do that
Apr 30 2018 16:31
(Discord) winterhell: You have couple of options
(Discord) winterhell: Basically you put
[DllImport("user32.dll")] static extern bool PostMessage(IntPtr hWnd, UInt32 Msg, int wParam, int lParam);
somewhere among the function declarations
(Discord) winterhell: And then
Process proc = Process.GetCurrentProcess(); PostMessage(proc.MainWindowHandle, WM_KEYDOWN, VK_F5, 0);
(Discord) winterhell: This'll post the key to the same process/program you call it from
(Discord) Zaphyk: mmm
(Discord) winterhell: WM_KEYDOWN and VK_F5 are values from an enum
(Discord) Zaphyk: that will trigger the event for the while application
(Discord) Zaphyk: and I need to trigger it for a specific event listener
(Discord) winterhell: Or perhaps you want to send the key presses to a different program?
(Discord) winterhell: Sure the event listener is key presses
(Discord) winterhell: or key down
(Discord) Zaphyk: what I need is to just trigger a specifc class that is listening, not the entire process
(Discord) Zaphyk: I think I will create an empty KeyboardKeyEventArgs and change it's private fields via some nasty reflection
(Discord) winterhell: Then you use an Event
Apr 30 2018 16:36
(Discord) winterhell: You make a custom event, and add it to that class
(Discord) winterhell: And you send the keys to the event
(Discord) winterhell: Perhaps here
(Discord) winterhell: The 3rd answer with the 4 Upvotes might be more consumable and tutorial like
(Discord) Zaphyk: It seems you are not understanding me, I'll give you an example. Imagine I have 3 listeners
public void ListenerA(object Sender, KeyboardKeyEventArgs EventArgs){}
public void ListenerB(object Sender, KeyboardKeyEventArgs EventArgs){}
public void ListenerC(object Sender, KeyboardKeyEventArgs EventArgs){}
(Discord) Zaphyk: I only want to trigger ListenerB
(Discord) Zaphyk: if I send a key press to the process I'll trigger the 3 of them
(Discord) Zaphyk: what I am looking to do is creating a custom KeyboardKeyEventArgs so I can do
(Discord) winterhell: That is exactly what the tutorial shows
Apr 30 2018 16:41
(Discord) winterhell: public event Action<KeyboardKeyEventArgs>MyEvent;
private void MyEventHandler(KeyboardKeyEventArgs EventArgs) { //do your stuff here }
(Discord) winterhell: Then you trigger the event by
(Discord) Zaphyk: that's what I am telling you
(Discord) Zaphyk: where do you get the KeyPress from?
(Discord) winterhell: You said you are generating it with the program
(Discord) winterhell: So that it can be automated
(Discord) Zaphyk: No, I said I need to generate it
(Discord) Zaphyk: that's the problem
(Discord) Zaphyk: I can't generate it
(Discord) winterhell: You lost me
(Discord) Zaphyk: let's start again
(Discord) Zaphyk: I need a new KeyboardKeyEventArgs
(Discord) Zaphyk: how do I create one?
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): As far as I can see, you can't
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Looking at the source right now
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): You can clone one
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): But the key setter is internal
(Discord) winterhell: There is no KeyboardKeyEventArgs
Apr 30 2018 16:46
(Discord) winterhell: use KeyPressEventArgs
(Discord) winterhell: This is OpenTK specific?
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Yes
(Discord) winterhell: Because KeyPressEventArgs is defined in both OpenTK and WindowsForms
(Discord) Zaphyk: @Jax (Nihlus) I see, I guess I will resort to reflection
(Discord) Zaphyk: thank you guys
(Discord) winterhell: Ah I see, KeyboardKeyEventArgs is defined in OpenTK.Input, thats why I didnt see it
(Discord) winterhell: OpenTK.Input.KeyboardKeyEventArgs myKey = new OpenTK.Input.KeyboardKeyEventArgs(); myKey.Key = OpenTK.Input.Key.BackSpace;
(Discord) Zaphyk: it has a private setter, you can't do that
(Discord) winterhell: Can you recompile OpenTK?
(Discord) Zaphyk: I'll use reflection
(Discord) winterhell: Reflection for what? It'll give you KeyPressEventArgs
(Discord) winterhell: But alright
Apr 30 2018 16:55
(Discord) Zaphyk: for this
(Discord) Zaphyk: protected KeyboardKeyEventArgs SimulateKeyEvent(Key Press) { var keyEvent = new KeyboardKeyEventArgs(); keyEvent.GetType().GetField("key", BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic)?.SetValue(keyEvent, Press); return keyEvent; }
(Discord) Zaphyk: then I can call
KeyboardKeyEventArgs keyEvent = this.SimulateKeyEvent(Key.W);
(Discord) winterhell: Wait so you use Reflection to set a private field that doesnt have a setter?
(Discord) Zaphyk: yeah
(Discord) winterhell: OOP is broken™
(Discord) Zaphyk: it's kind of hacky though
(Discord) Zaphyk: that's why I was looking for other options
(Discord) winterhell: I wish I knew about this 15 years ago so I could tell the teachers to stick it
Apr 30 2018 17:02
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): @winterhell Reflection is pretty much a free pass to tell the compiler to stick it
Apr 30 2018 18:25
(Discord) tzachs: @Zaphyk another option would be to add an abstraction layer around the OpenTK events, so you
(Discord) tzachs: 're not relying on OpenTK implementation
(Discord) Zaphyk: yes, I thought of that but that would mean refactoring quite a bit of code which isnt really worth for making a test
Apr 30 2018 18:36
(Discord) winterhell: @Jax (Nihlus) from time to time I see people here complaining that they cant get an OpenGL context when trying to connect remotely with a Linux server. Perhaps it could be similar to Windows where you have a retro compatibility function that is not being used. Unfortunately my knowledge of OGL on other platforms is limited
Apr 30 2018 18:41
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Yeah, maybe