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May 2018
May 29 2018 02:25
(Discord) StormWing0: What's the strangest bugs people have gotten?
May 29 2018 05:45
(Discord) winterhell: I've had a lot of them through the years. For example when minimizing and restoring the window it was freezing for 2 seconds.
16 bit floating point conversion had a rounding error that doubled the value: 3.998 and 4.0001 were converted right, but 4.000 was being converted to 8.000 or something like that.
(Discord) winterhell: Trying to run your program with SpacePilot Pro plugged in resulting in a crash( and you are not even trying to use the device)
(Discord) winterhell: Those I listed have been fixed last time I checked
May 29 2018 06:33
Rotating of specific x/y/z axis was not correct. Axis were swapped.
And usage of GLControl ended in a exception, if you didn't call OpenTK.Toolkit:Init(). But I dont know if this is fixed now. I've dealed with it for me.
May 29 2018 13:47
(Discord) CallumDev: recently had a weird SDL2/KDE interaction
(Discord) CallumDev: Every single SDL2 app by default kills the KDE compositor which a lot of applications don't like
(Discord) CallumDev: this can be fixed with SDL_SetHint(SDL_HINT_VIDEO_X11_NET_WM_BYPASS_COMPOSITOR, "0")
(Discord) CallumDev: Removing the bypass compositor hint from the window doesn't restore the KDE compositor so i submitted this hint as a patch until i can think of a better solution
(Discord) winterhell: Why do you use SDL2
(Discord) winterhell: Isnt stock OpenTK good enough?
(Discord) CallumDev: Old Project dating to OpenTK 1.x
(Discord) CallumDev: Also IME support