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Jun 2018
Jun 04 2018 13:17
(Discord) Py: Can OpenTK be used with Net core? saw there is a nuget package for it but it looks pretty outdated, didn't know whether it was officially supported or not
(Discord) winterhell: Soon
(Discord) Py: If I do work now in framework it should be pretty easy to move over to core correct?
Jun 04 2018 13:32
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): 4.0 will have significant API changes
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Your OpenGL stuff should be the same though
Jun 04 2018 13:39
(Discord) Py: 4.0 is the version where net core IS supported then or just as a heads up regardless or .net version major changes are incoming
(Discord) Py: Still pretty intermediate when it comes to my skill level so want to make sure I'm not gonna shoot myself in the foot.
Jun 04 2018 14:02
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Yeah, the 4.0 will support core
Jun 04 2018 14:07
(Discord) Py: Would imagine that given the nuget 3.0 release was a month ago that we have some time before 4.0 though correct? Not trying to rush or sound impatient just want to make sure I am on the same page
(Discord) winterhell: This is simply the 'final' version of 3.0
(Discord) winterhell: There are unlikely to be any newer ones, unless someone really wants patches for it and makes the PRs
(Discord) winterhell: Whatever code you write today for 3.0 will likely work for 4.0 as well
(Discord) winterhell: The exceptions being you might want to stay away from System.Drawing.Bitmap for image loading
(Discord) Py: think the project I have been messing with is still on 2.0 so need to convert
(Discord) winterhell: And use a 3rd party library
(Discord) winterhell: Whatever API breaks you have, they'll take you no time to fix
(Discord) Py: Yeah I doubt I will have much issue. Is System.Drawing something not support in core? or are there other reasons to avoid that library
(Discord) winterhell: They dropped its support because it was relying on functionality available from Windows
(Discord) winterhell: Well not exactly, but
(Discord) winterhell: GDI+ and the image loading functions was provided by the OS
(Discord) Py: Will have to double check how I am handling colors.
Jun 04 2018 14:13
(Discord) Py: Think I will need to look at my Text implementation as well. since I believe I was loading text strings into Bitmap with it
(Discord) winterhell: I've seen people recommend
(Discord) Py: Thanks will take a look
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Yah, that's a good lib
Jun 04 2018 14:31
(Discord) Py: Thanks for all the help. will upgrade the current project and be on the lookout for 4.0 then work on moving it to core
(Discord) Py: If I wanted to ask what libraries others used alongside of OpenTK (like this ImageSharp) would it be best to move such conversations to #offtopic ?
Jun 04 2018 14:44
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Here is fine
(Discord) Py: Does anyone use or have preferences or opinions on 3D physics libraries that can be used in a C# project? Haven't decided on one for my project and really not too interested on implementing my own lol
(Discord) winterhell: Depends on the actual nature of the 'physics'
(Discord) winterhell: For example in both 2D and 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games, people assume they need a physics engine
(Discord) winterhell: All they actually need is a ray /triange or ray/mesh intersection that gives you the distance to the surface and its angle
(Discord) winterhell: Everything else, gravity, friction, acceleration, drag, is done with simple 10th grade math/physics
(Discord) winterhell: velocity += (acceleration+gravity) * deltaTime
Jun 04 2018 14:50
(Discord) winterhell: position +=velocity * deltaTime;
(Discord) winterhell: And so on
(Discord) winterhell: On the topic of libraries, you might want something that can decode ogg files
(Discord) winterhell: I'd recommend NVorbis
(Discord) winterhell:
(Discord) winterhell: Their example is less than a dozen lines of code
Jun 04 2018 15:41
(Discord) Py: Need something that handles mesh collision checking (procedural would be best) as well as simple ballistics and particles
(Discord) Py: Will check the ogg Library. haven't even started dealing with sound not far enough in just yet
Jun 04 2018 17:32
Hi guys I need a little help.
I looking for a C# tutorial or sample code, for rendering to multiple monitors.
Is there anything like that out there ?
Jun 04 2018 21:13
(Discord) jai_: This is kinda a big deal, Apple is now depreciating OpenGL/AL in the upcoming MacOS update 10.14
(Discord) jai_: They now only officially seem to support Metal, their own proprietary graphics API
(Discord) jai_: The only real long term cross platform graphics solution at this point is Vulkan, which is natively supported on Windows and Linux and has good performance on MacOS using a shim ontop of Metal
Jun 04 2018 21:27
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Well, bye mac support
(Discord) Jax (Nihlus): Fuck 'em