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  • 18:56

    varon on 4.0.0-pre9.9


  • 18:54

    varon on master

    Release notes (compare)

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    frederikja163 on master

    Fix for broken delegates Merge pull request #1147 from H… (compare)

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    frederikja163 closed #1147
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    HughPH opened #1147
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    NepNet opened #1146
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    jstefanelli edited #1145
  • Sep 29 15:39
    jstefanelli opened #1145
  • Sep 29 08:29

    varon on 4.0.0-pre9.8


  • Sep 29 08:26

    varon on master

    Compute fixes Add docs (compare)

  • Sep 29 08:10

    varon on master

    RELEASE NOTES (compare)

  • Sep 29 08:02
    varon closed #1121
  • Sep 29 08:02
    varon commented #1121
  • Sep 29 08:01
    varon commented #1144
  • Sep 29 08:01

    varon on master

    Removed "Use Tabs Correctly" ru… Created a Utils static class an… Moved Enum.GetNames(typeof(Keys… and 23 more (compare)

  • Sep 29 08:00
    varon closed #1144
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    HughPH synchronize #1144
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    HughPH synchronize #1144
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    HughPH synchronize #1144
  • Sep 28 19:33
    HughPH synchronize #1144
A System.AccessViolationException exception occurred while drawing the primitive!
How can I solve it? OpenGL4.0
3.OpenTK.GLControl -Version 3.0.1
4..Net Framework4
GL.TexImage3D does anyone used this method?
Bende Falanga Joshua
Mac Rong
Did the OpenTK.NETCore version change the operator handling from the Framework version? I was trying to convert some code and most stuff ported over easily... but I am getting Operator '*' cannot be applied to operands of the type Vector4 and Matrix4... also, I can't find a version of Vector4.Multiply that accepts a Vector4 and a Matrix4, nor a Matrix4.Multiply that accepts a matrix4 and a float4...
Sorry, vector4 not float4
@Eightvo try ask on Discord, it's tons more active than here.
Happy to answer there.
@varon Thanks
Maximilian Wallinger
Hello guys. I'm pretty familiar with openTK and I can draw a lot of stuff, but I have problems with animations. I want to rotate a triangle 90° in a 2sec period. Can anyone point me in the way of how to do that. I looked for quite a while now on the web and can't figure that stuff out.
I would just need an explanation of the concept of how to do it.
you either transform the triangle's positions on the cpu
or introduce a MVP matrix and do the rotations in the shader
Any example available for medical volume images rendering?
What is Opentk.NEXT?
@ShannonZ - This channel is not in use anymore. To ask questions, please visit the OpenTK Discord Server. https://discord.gg/6HqD48s
I have no access to this website. https://discord.gg/6HqD48s
Hi, is there a dev nuget for OpenTK 4.0 ? or can anyone send me precompiled DLLs ?
I need a version of OpenTK without System.Drawing.Common dependency for testing CoreRT
i am using OpenTK just for opengl calls, for windowing i have my own GLFW library
AntiK Hi, is there a way to let opentk draw to the x11 root window?
This channel is no longer in use. Please join us on the OpenTK Discord Server.
no u
jk lol