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Mar 2015
Vahid Ghayoomie
Mar 09 2015 11:01
Hi everyone!
Suggested by @travs, decided to start this room to focus more specifically on the ChannelWorm project and possible Q&A
Hope to be effective!
Starting with an introduction to the project, and people who are interested in contributing to the project, and then we'll go on from here.
@travs, has already started to work on the PyOpenWorm (data layer). for now we need to manage data related to the biology and models of ion channels of interest in the PyOW.
@miladjafary, is a master student in software engineering and is interested in working on the overall back-end platform of the ChannelWorm (connecting data, business, and representation layers), such as designing the software, objects and entities, classes, libraries, etc. Milad is experienced in Java development, but here he would start to work with python , and different design patterns he can adapt for designing such a software in Python.
@joebowen, was interested in working on the front-end/presentation layer (if he is still interested in!)
@wilzh40, was interested in working on the ion channel spreadsheet (biological part) and also starting to work with Python and modeling ion channels from literature. If I'm right!
I'm also working on the modeling ion channels (from patch-clamp studies, and estimating conductance, gating, and regulations from homolog channels with available data and models)
This is for now, and I'm still communication with students with different backgrounds (biology, biophysics, mathematics, etc) in order to get help more on the scientific part.
Hope to have a great contribution to the OpenWorm project, and learn from each other during these interesting projects
Joe Bowen
Mar 09 2015 12:23
I'm still interested in helping with the front-end layer (or other stuff; I'd like to improve on my front-end skills but my main talents are in python data analysis and number crunching.)
Vahid Ghayoomie
Mar 09 2015 12:33
@joebowen, that's great. I've already started some issues + documentations. I think you can decide better on which one you'd prefer to help.
Also you can define some task/issue and start to work with, as you wish.
Also it would be great if you could help with data analysis with Python, definitely we need such a skill.
Milad Jafary
Mar 09 2015 12:40
Hi everyone!
I hope to have a great contribution to this project.
@VahidGh please list exist related LIB for this project(Such as and some thing like this) which we should connect them to gather for building back end.
Vahid Ghayoomie
Mar 09 2015 12:55
@miladjafary, hi, and I hop so.
OK, I'm going to leave my comment under VahidGh/ChannelWorm#15
Milad Jafary
Mar 09 2015 13:02
So I am check it there