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Jun 2015
Travis Jacobs
Jun 22 2015 14:03
@stripathy I believe you mentioned yesterday about getting our data organized before we create the database models, due to schema migration headaches
Travis Jacobs
Jun 22 2015 14:14
I believe you've seen that there is already some work done in the models, but given your experience with this type of thing, when do you think it's best to "finalize" the model relative to our data collection efforts? We can discuss this in our meeting tomorrow more deeply; just been thinking about this a bit
This is also related to your comments on #8. @VahidGh What do you think?
Vahid Ghayoomie
Jun 22 2015 16:02
@travs, yeah, I think so. The data model @miladjafary and I provided for the first version of the web app was a prototype, and we need to complete this based on #7 and other discussions we had.