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Jun 2015
Chee Wai Lee
Jun 27 2015 12:17
@VahidGh Yah, I had initially thought "No way!" when Ion Channels were mentioned. I used to work with Klaus Schulten's group on MD simulations using NAMD, and only the largest of the simulations go into the micro/millisecond domains and use tons of compute power.
Vahid Ghayoomie
Jun 27 2015 13:35
@cheelee, yeah, better saying it's not impossible but needs lots of efforts for each channel and also it is computationally expensive!
Vahid Ghayoomie
Jun 27 2015 13:43
@stripathy, For the second modeling approach (estimating kinetics from ion channel structure), we need some electrophysiology data for any kind of voltage-gated ion channel.
Is there any kind of channel-specific data in the NeuroElectro, that could be used for this purpose?
Vahid Ghayoomie
Jun 27 2015 13:50
@cheelee, Also there is some plugins for VMD that you can use for this kind of simulations.
You can find some tutorials under the 'Ion channels' section, here: