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Jul 2015
Vahid Ghayoomie
Jul 05 2015 22:05
Hi guys, A-bit-more-stable version :D of the web app is now up
We had some changes, @miladjafary added accounting to the app, so for the curation process you need to register first. Let me know when registered to activate the account.
And I added the reference management. And now we can easily search an add an article by doi/pmid, provide dropbox links to easily have access to the papers.
I also imported the ion channel spreadsheet to the DB, and now we have list of ion channels with some info.
We need to do the same thing for cells.
@travs, that would be nice if we could get the list of cells from PyOW
Vahid Ghayoomie
Jul 05 2015 22:13
Also @miladjafary is working on a more flexible version of the curation process, considering changes in the data model and using AJAX.
When done, we can start data entry much easier.